access to a way of living in harmony with nature
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The macro economic policy of maintaining growth in the development of the economy is the cause of the economic- and ecological crises as well as of the poverty on this planet.  

 This conclusion is based on three new concepts, which have been founded in the science of economy. 

 It takes two laws to apply these concepts in the operation of the economy and thus to solve these crises. 

 It therefore takes only political will to launch a thriving sustainable development with its peace of shared well-being within the limits of a nature that could be luxuriant, even luscious.  



The three concepts

1. the sense of development,

2. the principle of efficiency of the economy and

3. the function of the consumer in the operation of the economy. 


The sense of development is determined by the goal with which the consumer spends his income.  -  That development has a sense is a new concept in the science of economy.  -  The only goal with which the consumer can spend his income in the present economy is, consume more.  This goal is sustained by the macro economic policy of maintaining growth in development, because maintaining growth implies consuming more. 

It is not possible to continue consuming more of limited resources without inevitably depleting them.  Having consumed more of the limited resources of this planet since commerce began, and particularly since the beginning of the industrial revolution, has brought us to the limits of Nature, where commerce is stagnating.  No growth is possible anymore, except in economies where the limits of Nature have not yet been reached, like in China.  The statistics about the economies in the industrialised and developed countries show that there is no more growth in the development of these economies.  Even the approximately 0% interest rates central banks maintain, like the FED and the ECB, cannot get the economies going again. 

It is simple to change the sense of development in, maintaining the integrity of Nature in the development of the economy.

Enable the consumer to deduct from his taxable income the money he spends on goods and services that keep Nature in perfect condition and he will be driven by personal and financial interests, two powerful drives in the behaviour of mankind, to spend his income in order to maintain ways of living in harmony with Nature.

After the law that enables this tax deduction is adopted, the demand of consumers who pay income taxes will oblige producers to supply the products that leave Nature unblemished.  This demand will kick start the economy.  The research necessary to maintain the integrity of Nature in these products will cause the take off of the economy. 

The other two concepts are explained on the next page. 

Brussels, June 29, 2013         Willem Adrianus de Bruijn, MBA