access to a way of living in harmony with nature


Only the consumer can solve the ecological crises

and ensure sustainable development

because he can do it by adapting his ways of living

until they leave the environment unblemished.


The consumer is going to live in this way the moment a part of the purchase price of every ecological product he buys, is permanently reimbursed to him.  This part could be a percentage equal with the weighted average of the percentages of their incomes, which consumers have to pay in taxes.  When they receive these reimbursements permanently, consumers will buy only such products. 

The demand of these consumers for these products will oblige producers to compete with each other until they have restored the perfect state of Nature and afterwards to continue competing in order to keep it in that condition.

My demand to compensate the consumer permanently for every purchase of a product that keeps nature in perfect condition is based on three concepts, which I have founded in the science of economy. They are presented on following pages.

Considering the sound scientific base of the need to compensate the consumer for any purchase of ecological products permanently and the many advantages, which will result from such reimbursements, politicians cannot permit themselves not to consider my demand.  

Hoeilaart, 26 April 2016    Willem Adrianus de Bruijn, MBA

Material to support this demand is given on the next page.